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Cabernet d’Anjou

6,20 ttc

Grape vatiety

Cabernet d’Anjou : 100% Cabernet Franc

Sensorial discovery

The salmon color, of a delicate intensity, is very luminous. On the nose, it is a real fireworks display, the Cabernet Franc can be read with strength and generosity: the cooked red fruits caramelized in attack, then the spicy notes of vanilla close the olfactory expression giving a nice smoothness. The attack on the palate is like the nose: soft, generous and delicious. The alcohol / mellow balance is dense. We find the same aromatic continuity in the mouth.


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Tasting tips


Served at 6/8 ° C, Cabernet d´Anjou becomes a wonderful wine for conversation, favored by strong ball circles, it will also “refresh” your guests during very hot summers! Its smoothness and natural tone make it a particularly pleasant wine for:


  • an aperitif accompanied by roasted bananas, warm prunes with bacon
  • melons garnished with red berries
  • hot rillauds
  • very spicy exotic, oriental or asian cuisine (shrimp acras)
  • pies or cups of fresh red fruits


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