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A Loire Valley Wine Estate

“The story begins in 1989, the year I decided to create Domaine des Deux Moulins thanks to the few hectares of vines owned by my father, Robert Macault, in addition to his farming activity. The vineyard gets its name from the two mills standing proudly on our grounds and that can be seen as soon as you approach the estate. They represent both the history and the strength of our land, whose soils are dominated by the presence of slate.”

Daniel Macault

History of the Wineyard…


Construction of the first building. 11 hectares can now be harvested, vinified and then sold on site.

After the first vinified harvest came the test of marketing and selling the wines. A period of active communications made it possible to meet this challenge.

Premier hangar de l'exploitation

Over the years, the domaine grew. I did my best to follow the developments of the trade, often questioning myself and constantly pursuing the idea of improving the quality of my wines while respecting the terroir and the people who work the land.

Les premières cuves de l'exploitation



It is with this mindset that the vineyard has adopted an approach that respects nature. By joining the DEPHY49 group, my aim is to analyse and optimise my phytosanitary practices.

Première station météo autonome



New action in favour of the environment by planting hedges on the borders of vineyard plots, the goal of which is to promote biodiversity. At the same time, a connected weather station is installed.



The decision is made to stop chemical weed control and to make way for mechanical tools.

We set up nesting boxes for tits/chickadees and bats, the natural predators of certain vine pests.

Une charrue mécanique qui taille les vignes



The treatments approved by the label “Agriculture Biologique” (Organic Agriculture) are tested on one part of the vineyard. This year was marked by the planting of a new agroforestry plot made up of southern grape varieties in order to anticipate global warming. We developed a new way of working: planting fruit trees, hedges, setting up nesting boxes for natural predators of vine pests, thinking about the establishment of plant cover, etc.

The first harvest, or literally, the first fruits of this labour, is expected in 2021.

Un jeun arbre fruitier est planté entre deux rangée de vignes



Consecration of several years of work that is rewarded by the acquisition of the label HVE3. The vineyard officially embarks on its conversion to organic viticulture.

Your interest in the world of wines is growing. This is why the doors of the domaine are always open to you for moments of sharing and discussion. All the more so during events we organise such as the Fleur de Vigne, Open House or Harvest Day.

Un groupe est accueilli dans le hangar de l'exploitation
Le public découvre le domaine lors de manifestations

This thirst for skills and knowledge is also illustrated by the intake of an ever-growing number of trainees and apprentices. This gives me the opportunity to pass on my expertise and to keep learning more.

Our values

pictogramme partage


pictogramme convivialité


pictogramme agriculture biologique

Organic cultivation

pictogramme transmission


These values are embodied by the members of my team. We keep them in mind in our discussions with you, as well as in all our enotourism practices.

Who we are ?

At the domaine, there are seven of us working full time. We take care of everything from planting to winemaking and marketing. Everyone’s skills contribute to the success of the whole. We complement one another and are motivated by a good team spirit.


Cellar Chief


Enotourism and Reception Manager




Chief Of Cultivation


Vineyard Worker


Associated and Vegetable Farmer


Vegetable Farm Worker

And let’s not forget Django…

More than a vineyard…

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